Zone's Advice

Question: Are JDM engines ready to drop in and install (aka "plug-and-play")?
Answer: Yes, once you transfer over certain parts from your original engine and install them onto your newly purchased engine, it will then be ready to drop in and install. Every engine type unique and our expert support staff is here to assist you with your specific project needs. There are also all kinds of installation tutorials for specific engine swap projects that are often readily available on search engines like Google, forums, and Youtube.

Question: What service work should be performed before installation?
Answer: We highly recommend replacing critical tune-up parts like water pump, timing belt (or chain tensioner if applicable), and any other timing-related components. Other common replacement parts include spark plugs, gaskets, thermostat, and other critical parts related to timing, cooling, ignition, and other critical performance systems. The best time to perform maintenance work is before installation, as this will ensure a long, healthy life and a valid warranty.

Question: How can we be CERTAIN that this engine will fit my car with no major modifications?
Answer: If we mention your vehicle's year, make, and model in the item specifics, we 100% guarantee that the engine or transmission will fit your car. If you are delivered an item that is not suitable for your car, we will take the item back at our expense and replace the item or refund you. We will also reach out to you before shipping to confirm you are receiving the correct engine in the event that your vehicle came with multiple engine options. If you have any questions about item fitment, please feel free to contact us.