Warranty Information

We do our best to import the highest quality engines, transmissions, and parts from Japan and thankfully our great reviews prove this.

All of our engines, transmissions, and parts come from donor vehicles that MUST have 60K miles or less. If they pass inspection including compression testing, they are then removed from their original vehicle and imported to us. They are then ready to be shipped out to you.

If there is an issue with the item you receive, the item can be returned for an exchange and/or refund (we reserve this right).

We are proud to offer the strongest and clearest warranty and return policy in the entire industry.

In the event that an item (engine, transmission, etc.) has bad compression, dead cylinder(s), head gasket problems, or any other terminal issues, we cover shipping to pick the item up and give you the option of receiving a replacement item or a full refund.

The success rate with our engines and transmissions is over 99%+, but rest assured that you are covered as if you were family. In fact, when you work with this, you are family.​​​​

To submit a warranty claim, please fill out the form below at the bottom of this page. You may also send an email to info@jdmenginezone.com and input your Order Number and WARRANTY in the subject line. Please make sure to mention in the body of the email your name, invoice number, and a detailed description of any issues you believe you may be experiencing. This warranty claim must be emailed and time-stamped within your warranty period in order to be a valid submission. Please contact us if you have any submission questions.


Learn more about our Gold Start-up Warranty below:

JDM Engine Zone provides warranty for certain items sold and guarantees protection from defects in proper function and performance (such as good compression when engine is warm and a secure head gasket) when properly installed by an ASE certified mechanic and under normal driving conditions (does not include racing or hard loads/wear) for a specified period of time (and distance if applicable) under the conditions as follows:


A. Terms and Conditions

1. JDM-imported used non-performance engines: 90-days warranty from date of delivery on internal parts and longblock only. Accessories and parts such as, but not limited to, intake & exhaust manifolds, oil pan, carburetor, injectors, sensors, distributor & cap, alternator, starter, water pump, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing belt and/or chain tensioner, and all seals including main seal, may be attached to the item gratuitously and are not covered under any warranty.

2. JDM-imported used high-performance engines and transmissions: 30-day warranty from date of delivery on internal parts and longblock only. High-performance is considered any engine with features such as, but not limited to, Diesel, VTEC, VVL, MIVEC, turbocharged, supercharged, or other high-performance technologies. Transmissions specifically designed for performance and sport use are considered high-performance, although warranty does not cover racing or hard loads/wear as mentioned above. Accessories and parts such as, but not limited to, intake & exhaust manifolds, oil pan, carburetor, injectors, sensors, distributor & cap, alternator, starter, water pump, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing belt, and all seals including main seal, may be attached to the item gratuitously and are not covered under any warranty. For additional details regarding what is considered a high-performance engine, please contact us.

3. JDM-imported used non-performance transmissions: 90-days warranty from date of delivery on internal parts only. Accessories and parts such as, but not limited to, electrical switches, solenoids, wiring system, shift linkage, and torque converter may be attached to the item gratuitously and are not covered under any warranty. For additional details regarding what is considered a non-performance replacement transmission, please contact us.

4. We cannot guarantee small parts, accessories, and sensors will be included or are working properly. Axles, halfshafts, motor mounts, and ECU's are also not included with engines unless specifically mentioned in a listing description but can be purchased separately. We recommend you use as much parts from your original engine as possible. Our warranty covers engine and transmission internal moving parts only.

5. All rotary Mazda engines are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty whatsoever.

6. All items other than those mentioned above are sold as is. No return, refund, or warranty is offered unless implicitly specified. For additional details, please contact us.

7. Items that are permanently modified, such as cylinder head removal or modification, added forced induction, racing parts upgrades, or other changes to factory specifications will void warranty.

8. Items purchased with special instructions such as long-term holds, additional testing including compression and/or leakdown, or custom work is available upon request and requires additional time that will vary with different items. Orders or deposits made on items with special requests as listed above may and will be subject to restocking fees, storage fees, and/or shipping costs relative to the specific order and request. Please contact us for additional details regarding special instructions. Items are held for 14 days starting on the date of deposit. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

9. Failure to perform critical service work or replace critical components such as timing belt/chain tensioner and water pump may result in void of warranty.

B. Customer Obligations

1. Must change oil, oil filter, spark plugs, coolant, and tune-up parts.

2. Must flush and refill radiator, install new water hoses, water pump, thermostat, timing belt, timing belt/chain tensioner, and all critical seals & gaskets necessary before proper installation, including crank main seal and valve cover gaskets.

3. Due to the variation in design on some vehicle models in Japanese-market engines, customer is required to make necessary change-over on some parts from old engine including, but not limited to, fitting new oil pan, oil pick-up tube, dipstick, flywheel, clutch assembly, distributor, intake & exhaust manifolds, EGR, wiring harness, and sensors. Some engine styles require minor drilling or fitting in certain areas, please contact us for specific details regarding specific engines.

4. Any performance testing to the engine must be done after the engine is installed, run at proper operating temperature after all the necessary fluids have had a chance to cycle through.

5. Responsibility for re-installing all smog and emissions devices, including EGR if applicable.

6. All belt-driven engines are required to have a new timing belt installed, set on the correct timing, and valves checked & adjusted to OEM specification before installation is complete.

7. Responsibility of verifying parts for proper fitment, proper size, and application prior to installation prior to installation. We carry absolutely no liability for parts that are incorrectly ordered or installed as the result of error in gathering necessary parts.

8. Engine and transmission must be installed and run within warranty timeframe from date on invoice/purchase or from date of delivery as per shipping carrier records.

9. We do not cover labor costs, downtime, towing charges, freight charges, rental reimbursement, and comprehensive insurance claims.

10. Bent valves, lock-up, or backfire due to broken or defective timing belt components, or wrong timing set will void your warranty. Internal damage due to debris entering combustion chambers, lack of oil volume or pressure, or over-revving, and damage to the block in form of hole will automatically void warranty.

11. Customer must accept shipped item upon delivery. Item must be inspected for damage occurred during shipping and take note of this with the delivery driver, as a claim must be filed with the shipping carrier. Refusal of a shipped item is not advised, as the item will then be inspected upon re-delivery to our warehouse and customer will be responsible for shipping charges and up to 20% in restocking fees if the item is reviewed and deemed able to install (since all items are checked for compression and proper performance before being removed from original vehicle in Japan and sent to our warehouse in NJ). Customer must accept delivery and note damage with driver present or customer may be subject to fees mentioned above.

12. ALL pickup and local delivery orders require valid USA state ID driver's license. No other international or non-state issued ID will be accepted. The ID must match the billing address contact information. Any pick ups arranged where a 3rd party (such as a shipping carrier, mechanic, local deliveryman, etc.) takes possession of the item will require a copy of their valid ID as well as an email sent to info@jdmenginezone.com from the same email the order was placed stating that an authorized 3rd party will be picking up the item. All pick ups that do not abide by these policies will be refused.

13. Picks up should be done in either a cargo van or pick up truck. The pick up of an engine in any other vehicle can be accommodated but the is at the customers risk. JDM ENGINE ZONE is never responsible for any damage incurred during pick up and loading of an item.

14. ALL engines, transmissions, and parts MUST be installed within 30 days of delivery (timestamped with tracking information) in order for warranty to remain valid. All items installed after 30 days of delivery will void warranty guarantees. It is imperative that installation timeframes are calculated properly with your vehicle technician in order to ensure that the warranty does not become void due to long periods of wait for installation or service.


C. Returns

1. We have an explicit 30-day return policy if the item is returned outside of a warranty event. In the event of a warranty claim or return, please first contact us for an Item Warranty Claim Form or a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number will be unique to the individual claim and must be obtained before any return whatsoever, no exceptions. If the RMA number is invalid or was never requested, it will be refused and will not be taken into possession by your shipping department.

2. All shipping charges must be pre-paid by customer. Any returns with collect or on-delivery shipping charges will be refused.

3. Please allow up to five (5) business days for warranty claim processing, as the claim will be reviewed by some various departments in the USA as well as our corporate team in Japan.

4. Electronics such as, but not limited to, ECU's, sensors, and wiring harnesses are not refundable unless noted. Once the item has been tampered with or opened, the item is no longer refundable.

5. If you purchased an item by mistake or you no longer need item, reimbursement can only occur in the form of total amount paid minus shipping charges. A restocking fee of 20% applies to items returned that are not damaged or symptomatic of issues.

6. Any cancellation request must come in the form of an email within 24 hours of purchase. Cancellation requests coming after the initial 24 hours will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.

7. Orders not shipped out before 5 business days of order placed due to delays can be cancelled but will be subject to a 20% restocking fee if the item was already prepared and awaiting pickup. If an item has not been picked up by a shipping carrier, shipping costs would be reimbursed but the item would still have a restocking fee applied.

8. Any item no longer needed will be subject to a 20% restocking fee if elected to be returned once it has already been delivered. The customer will also be responsible for the return shipping cost of the item which will be deducted from the refund amount. The original shipping fee will also not be available for refund since the item did arrive to the customer as advertised.

9. All refunds, when/if approved, will be refunded back to the original method of payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. All item returns, no matter the circumstance, must be returned in the same condition (fully dressed, with all accessories attached) that they were in when they originally left our facility.