An Overview of Honda's Motorsport Ventures

An Overview of Honda's Motorsport Ventures

Honda Red Bull's R16B with the one-off white Honda livery that was used during the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix

Honda is a brand that is often associated with innovation and speed. The brand has been long in the racing industry, a sport that captivates audiences around the world. Honda has been a part of various racing divisions, proving to be a dominant force in these fields. In this blog post, we will take a more in-depth look at Honda's motorsport ventures and how they have fared in the industry.


Honda S800, a blast from the late 60s, competed in variety of races as Honda's flagship racecar.

Honda's racing debut dates back to the 1960s when they participated in various races using the Honda S-Series. The brand has since then expanded into many different divisions, such as IndyCar, MotoGP, Formula 1, and World Superbike Championships.


Despite Honda pulling out of F1, Honda Racing remains a part of IndyCar championship. This can be attributed to their team's success in the IndyCar series, though it is good to remember that F1 costs millions every year for the engine manufacturers.

One of Honda's most notable racing ventures is their participation in the IndyCar series. Honda has been a part of this series since 2003 and has achieved impressive results. Honda has won three series championships in recent years, with drivers such as Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon bringing home titles for the brand.


Despite the name reminding everyone automobiles, Honda is very successful in motorcycle production and their performance in MotoGP clearly shows that. Honda's motorcycles both have an amazing commercial success and impressive collection of MotoGP trophies.

Honda's participation in the MotoGP has also been quite successful. The brand has produced some high-performance motorcycles that have contributed to their teams' victories in the series. Honda has won the championship seven times in the last twenty years, with legendary riders like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez clinching titles for the brand.


Honda's standalone F1 ventures were not successful, their last attempt in 2008 failed and team nearly went bankrupt; but the team was bought by Ross Brawn  and became Brawn F1 Team. Brawn's team won the championship in 2009, and evolved into Mercedes F1 Team that still competes today.

Honda's Formula One venture, however, has not been as successful as their participation in other series. Despite their long history in the sport, Honda's Formula One cars have struggled to remain competitive in recent years. But this has not deterred Honda from investing in the sport; they recently rejoined the Formula One arena in partnership with Red Bull Racing.


Like MotoGP, Honda performs well in Superbike. Their high performance motorcycles roar on the race track, and this performance boosts their consumer popularity. It's pretty common to see a motorcycle on the street with Honda's racing liveries.

Another racing division that Honda has been a part of is the World Superbike Championship. The brand has secured multiple victories in this series, with Michael van der Mark and Alvaro Bautista being some of the brand's champions in this division.

Honda's long history in the racing industry serves as proof of their commitment to innovation and speed. The brand has been a fixture in various motorsports for decades, from IndyCar to MotoGP. While their Formula One venture has not been as successful as their participation in other series, Honda has not let this bring them down. The brand continues to invest in the sport, collaborating with top-of-the-line racing teams to reach new heights in the industry. Honda's ventures in the racing world have only scratched the surface of what the brand can achieve, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future.