Toyota's History at 24 Hours of Le Mans

Toyota's Legacy at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Toyota finished second in 2023's Le Mans, behind Ferrari which have won it's first Le Mans since 1965. Dramatic clash between Japanese team and Italian team finished in favor of the prancing horse.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world's oldest active sports car race, which takes place in France every year. It is one of the most demanding races, as teams compete for 24 continuous hours, testing both drivers and cars to their limits. One of the most well-known names in the world of motorsports, Toyota, has a long and rich history at this prestigious endurance race. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Toyota brand and its legacy at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Toyota's first Le Mans contender 85C-L was put on track in 1985 as a Group C contender.

Toyota's first appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans was in 1985, with the Grp C2 Toyota 85C-L. Unfortunately, the team did not finish the race. Toyota's next attempt was in 1992 with the TS010 prototype, which was an improvement from the previous year's model. The car performed well during the race, with the team finishing in second place overall. Toyota's success continued to grow as it competed in the race throughout the '90s, securing many victories and podium finishes.

2012's TS030 raced in the LMP1 category and caught the eyes of the motorsports fans with it's unique technology.

Toyota's next significant milestone was in 2012, when it returned to Le Mans after a decade-long hiatus. Toyota entered two hybrid-powered TS030 prototype cars, which performed well and caught the attention of fans for their unique technology. Despite some initial setbacks, the team was able to complete the race, finishing second overall. In 2013, Toyota went on to claim its first pole position at Le Mans and secured another second-place finish with the TS030.

2018's contender won the WEC title that year, alongside the legendary Fernando Alonso driving the victorious vehicle.

Toyota's Le Mans legacy reached its peak in 2018, when it won the prestigious race for the first time in a nail-biting finish that left the crowd on the edge of their seats. The Toyota TS050 Hybrid-driven by Sebastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima, and Fernando Alonso-led the race from start to finish and successfully crossed the finish line first, securing Toyota's first-ever win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team repeated the feat in 2019, making it back-to-back wins for the manufacturer.

Toyota has been a dominant force at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, securing many podium finishes and two consecutive wins in recent years. Throughout its long history, the Japanese car manufacturer has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation, technology, and excellence. The team's determination and perseverance have paid off in the form of unprecedented success at one of the world's most challenging endurance races. It is exciting to think about what's next for Toyota at Le Mans, and we can't wait to see how they will continue to push the limits of technology and performance in the years to come.