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Big Turbo Engines (1000HP + crazy turbos engine swaps) and extreme turbocharged JDM cars

1000hp Honda Civic Turbo Track Beast Drag Racing

1000hp Civic Burnout

Honda B18c Turbo 921 HP Tuning

Eat Sleep Race 1000hp Sport FWD Civic


1600HP Toyota Supra 2Step Revs Acceleration

Toyota Supra 1700hp BIG Single Turbo vs GTR r35 vs r1 vs r6(antilag, 2 step,Straight from hell)

jimmy supra 1600HP street rolling antilag

WINE GLASS vs. 1000hp SUPRA!

Toyota Supra 1300HP Turbo Launch Control Acceleration & Sound

Lenin's MK4 Supra WHEELSTAND

1400hp Subaru Sti 04 testing

IAG Performance V8CJ's Subaru STI


ALPHA G GTR World Record


Acceleration mitsubishi evo 1000HP

fastest Mitsubishi Evo IX 1⁄4 mile 1200HP 4G63 engine


All Credits to original Uploaders, This is My Edition in a Compilation formula, showing the most amazing moments, of 100% automotovideo his youtube link is We hope you understand. Thank you!

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